Friday , 23 October 2020
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Popup stand suppliers in the UK

There are many different popup stand suppliers in the UK.  Each supplier printing and finishing popups in different ways.  This can cause large inconsistencies in a product which should be relatively simple to order.  Print quality and media type are areas where suppliers can cut corners to maximise on profit.  When choosing a supplier ask for samples so you can see the quality of what you are ordering.

popup artwork

Some out dated print houses can turn great artwork into a poor quality backdrop.  By asking for samples you can syphon out the printers who cut corners on their large format displays.

We stock large quantities of our displays so that we can supply you with your display quickly.  We use the latest HP printers with genuine HP ink.  This gives our printed displays excellent colour vibrancy and depth.  Out dated solvent printers will not give such impressive printed popups.

Demand quality printed media, let us guide you to a great display for your next event.

You can tell when you are getting a poor quality product. Beware of cheap imitations! We are confident that our pop up displays will meet with your high expectations and you will be impressed at the quality you will get at such competitive prices. Our pop up frames carry a 10 year manufacturers guarantee giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong.
We have provided 4 artwork templates on our website so you can choose the best format for you and as long as you are happy with the artwork and have checked it at 100% to make sure the text or images are not pixelated, we print using high quality HP printers. You will see the quality in the print straight away and it will make all the difference when you are exhibiting your product or services.

Making an impression with your potential customers at an event is of course what you want to achieve especially when you are marketing your brand. You want to show them that your company is professional and that it means business. Using poor quality products to demonstrate this is going to get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately you don’t always see what you have purchased until it has arrived and by then it may be too late to meet deadlines at an event or a show. Browsing through our shop, you will see exactly what you are getting and you can select different pop up display sizes and also read through the product description. You will see what is included and what isn’t. Our website is aimed to be straight to the point and as user friendly as possible.

We pride ourselves on being a UK supplier that you can trust and who will provide you with high quality display products at very competitive prices but don’t just take our word for it, try us out!