Monday , 28 September 2020
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Trade prices for the everyday consumer.

Our popup displays are priced for the online shopper at a trade price.  All prices published here are final and only discount coupon codes will allow further discounts.

We offer various coupon offers on different displays from easy stands, plex, ultima and other manufacturers.  All that is required is you enter your email in the side box and we’ll send you our latest offer!

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We regularly check our prices and are happy to offer a like for like price on any of our displays.  If you find any of our prices are being beaten please drop us an email and we’ll match it where possible.  As well as our trade pricing we keep strict control of quality.  Each popup stand is pre-assembled to ensure all panels line up.

Our catalogue is available for download which also displays our prices.

Our prices are very competitive and we are confident that we can offer one of the cheapest prices in the exhibition arena without compromising on quality. Cheap should not mean nasty. Our pop up frames have a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and all graphics are printed using high quality HP technology. This ensures that all colours are matched perfectly with a high quality, matt and anti scuff finish on our pop up displays and roller banners.

Our pop up displays can be used over and over again, saving you, the consumer, time and money each time you exhibit. Pop up displays are rapidly becoming the most popular form of exhibiting due to the tough economic climate and with companies of all sizes slashing event and marketing budgets. In our experience people do not want to spend a lot of money creating a big exhibition stand at the moment, they want to be able to purchase a smaller display to use in various exhibitions or shows which will save money and also time in labour costs. Because pop up stands are such good value for money, even smaller companies that are just starting out can realistically purchase one to use for small events but still presenting themselves within the marketplace.

We are confident that we offer very competitive and realistic prices within the current marketplace, with everything you need to create a presence and showcase your product and services in a professional way, creating a lasting impression to your potential customers.