Monday , 28 September 2020
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Bespoke Popup Stands

Bespoke popup stands have traditionally been a cost effective and quick solution to a custom background at events and trade shows. The term popup comes from the simple way in which the display frame opens out in one action. This frame is then clad with custom printed graphic panels to create a seamless display. Often confused with roller banners the popup is a core piece of cost effective exhibition and will be here for some time to come.

Popup stands have now progressed from a simple wall backdrop to more complex displays in L shapes, with shelving units, TV brackets and lighting features.
With the ability for companies to design their own backdrops, popups have become a quick and easy way to create an advertising backdrop to POS areas, events, trade shows and exhibitions. Artwork templates are readily available for designers to use when creating the large format graphics.
Magnetic evo style frames are the most popular as they snap together quickly and can be setup in a few minutes. They can also be dismantled as quickly which is great for those exhibitors who want to pack up and get away from the event at show close. With these popups the panels have magnetic strips applied to the edges, this allows the panels to be lined up to create a large scale seamless backdrop.

popup stand combo

Most popups come with a carry case which doubles as a counter, with a printed counter wrap. Within the trolley case is a counter top and popup lights, completing the whole package and giving a professional appearance.
Along with traditional bespoke popup stands are tower popups. These are circular popups used for advertising only. Like a large branded tube they work very well at events as information points.
Also available are popup counters which are assembled with the same principle as a popup stand and are used where larger counters are required rather than the usual trolley case / counter combination.

Upon request, we can also provide and integrate shelving and lighting into your pop up display adding that little bit extra. Literature racks can also be added to your display and we can provide all of these products at low prices. All products and details are on our website.